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Originally a typical early 19th century hip-roofed, two-story residence with a five-bay facade, this structure has been used as a gas station since 1945. At that time the original floor fenestration was altered to accommodate two garage bays, an entrance and plate glass windows but more recently the garage doors have been removed in favor of four 6/1 windows. There is a plate glass window to the south. Upstairs, two 6/6 windows punctuate the southern portion of the facade. The south end of the building is punctuated by 2/2 windows with blinds and is fronted by a small, single-story office addition and a concrete block exterior chimney. To the rear of these is an exterior covered staircase. Under the stairs is a glass-and-panel door capped by a flat door hood with decorative brackets, an apparent late 19 century alteration. Extending behind the main block are several additions including a rear garage bay. A large, free-standing metal canopy in front of the building shelters two gas pumps and an attendant booth which is sheathed in Tl-11 siding. This former residence was constructed in 1833 for Benaiah Richards. It remained in the family until the death of Richards' daughter, Mrs. Mary Conner, in 1914 at which time it was purchased by Z. Taylor Pierce. Vasilios Efthemion became the owner of the property in 1926 and sold it to Myrtie Marshall two years later. About 1945 Warren Marshall converted the two-family residence into a Gulf Oil automobile service station. At this time the structure was moved about twelve feet to allow space for the gas pumps. Paul Bailey (who worked for Marshall from 1946 to 1951) bought the property in 1951 and owned it until 1968 when it was sold to Wilfred Hodgdon. Less than a year later it was sold to William and Donna Brown. Present day, this is Brown Graphix, owned by Jennifer Brown.


Brown Graphix

27 Main Street, Goffstown, NH